About Rodney Smith
Rodney Smith has been a resident of Southern Nevada for the most part of the last 29 years, only interrupted during his time serving in the United States Air Force. The foundation of who Rodney is were formulated in his birth state of North Carolina. In North Carolina Rodney learned it takes hard work and dedication to rise above. Rodney brings that dedication and hard work ethic to the Congressional race for District 4.

Rodney is a 26 year Air Force disabled Veteran who served America at some of the highest levels. Rodney personally knows what it means to answer the call to serve, the sacrifices that are required and endured answering that call. His experiences gives him the needed skills to serve Congressional District 4. Rodney embodies values that were instilled growing up in North Carolina and later solidified during his time serving his country, Integrity first and Service Before Self. Rodney’s mission is to represent not just the residents of District 4 but all the residents of Nevada to help move Nevada and the country forward.

Rodney is a veteran, a father, a community Rodney Smith is the embodiment of what is needed to move Congressional District 4 and Nevada forward. Rodney is the best person to represent Congressional District 4 and Nevada.