Vision and Mission

★ 26 Year Air Force Veteran/Purple Heart Recipient who understands the call to serve

  • Will work with and for our Active Duty, Veterans and their families.
  • No veteran should wait for the benefits they’ve earned and deserve.
  • Resources for families who have to reconstruct their lives after the loss of a loved one.

★ Education a top priority

  • Plans to improve school and student outcomes by stating what a twelve grade graduate should be equipped with for 21st century living.
  • Will improve our education system by focusing on an all­ inclusive curriculum.

★ Economic Development

  • Establish a modern day Work Projects Administration initiative to rebuild our failing infrastructure.
  • Nevada should be the solar capital of the nation that leads clean energy technology revolution.
  • Specifically target African American and other minority owned businesses to help revitalize their communities

★ Workers Rights

  • Every worker should receive fair and equitable pay, benefits for a day’s work regardless of impairments.
  • Workers should have the ability to bargain for better wages and benefits.

★ Committed to policies that transform our country into a nation that affirms the value of its citizens

  • Establish a national procedure review standard for police involved shootings and abuses.
  • Work to shut down private prisons, reduce recidivism and the number incarcerated by half.